In 2014, some local fine dining, banquet and catering servers got together and saw a problem. We asked ourselves and others, “Where do people go to find private waitstaff for their parties if they have their own food?” The answers we got back were varied from, hire a temp agency or go to a restaurant or event and find the nicest waiter/waitress and ask if they do private parties. Well, that is hardly a for sure way to get real quality experienced servers for a private event. So, we created The Waitstaff Team.

The Waitstaff Team is a group of all independent bartenders and servers that are all members of TWST(The WaitStaff Team) Group and are all held to the very highest of standards. The Waitstaff Team is, in the simplest form, a connector of quality independent service staff and clients who need them. You, as the client, can call and schedule however many service staff you need for an event, pay a nominal coordinators fee, and directly hire hand selected professional service staff for the event. For your convenience, we also provide some rental packages such as bars, buffets and service ware.

We are a group dedicated to the team and event’s success and look forward to serving our clients as independent servers while holding our brand high as a team. Pursuing the highest level of service to great clients, we look to be a cut above serving the Portland Metro Area.