Living Water International

Living Water International (LWI), is an organization dedicated to pursuing the physical, spiritual, and social flourishing of all people who lack safe water, sanitation, and hygiene essentials. They strive to see safe and dependable water accessible to all people around the world. LWI works to bring awareness and provide a solution to the fact that something as fundamental as clean drinking water, which we often take for granted, is a luxury that eludes the majority of the world’s population.
Understanding the significance of this issue, we at The WaitStaff Team have made it our mission to donate a portion of our profits towards supporting LWI’s well projects. We are proud to share that, thanks to the support of our valued customers, we have been able to fully sponsor a well-building project. This means that together, we have made a life-changing difference for a community in need, providing them with a sustainable source of clean, safe water.
We are deeply grateful to our staff and customers for being an integral part of this incredible journey. Your choice to work with The WaitStaff Team for your events has enabled us to extend our blessings to those who need it most. It’s a true testament to the impact we can create when we come together as a community.
We invite you to click the link below to view the completed well project, witnessing firsthand impact we’ve made together. Your continued support as a customer means more than just a successful event; it means contributing to the betterment of lives and the provision of a basic necessity that many are deprived of.
To learn more about Living Water International or to donate to their cause please visit their website.

Please click the photo link below to learn more about our sponsored well.


Well Sponsorship 2022